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Client Tip #2: Let Go of the Ego

Legal disputes, almost by definition, upset our egoic notions of how life “should” be. Another person or corporate entity has done something that does not square with our ideas of how things should operate, or things that we have done somehow violate the standards or expectations of another, or those of society at large. Moreover, our legal system is largely based on fictional, dualistic concepts such as good/evil and right/wrong. Our adversarial process of dispute resolution is clearly based on a dualistic win/lose model.

The predominance of polarized concepts in the context of American litigation can serve as explosive fuel for the ego which, if not kept in check during the litigation process, is very often likely to lead to undesirable results and increased unhappiness and suffering. In times such as this, connecting up with our non-dualistic fundamental sense of being can be especially beneficial.

For these reasons, clients will be far more able to successfully wind themselves through the litigation process while incorporating mindfulness practice into one’s life. By providing the opportunity to do this as an integral component of the attorney-client relationship, holistic law practice can better ensure that the decisions made in the context of litigation will optimally serve the client both in the short and longer terms.

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