“When I began seeing Michael, I was emotionally distraught and conflicted about how to proceed with my divorce, which had been a nightmare in progress for almost a year. I found Michael’s holistic, therapeutic approach instrumental in moving me through self-imposed barriers brought on by fear and anxiety. He reminded me that I could gain better clarity and peace of mind by spending even just a few minutes a day in quiet meditation, which I continue to do. Guided meditations for mindfulness were a very helpful part of the process he offered during our appointments. Through therapeutic communication, I felt safe and supported voicing my fears about moving forward with my divorce and Michael was able to help me identify exactly what I needed to get out of my own way and move forward.”

K.P., Pinole, California

“The first word that comes to mind in describing Michael’s performance is ‘revolutionary’.   His non-threatening approach to dealing with discrepancies creates a win/win mentality that instantly gets to the heart of the issue.  Complementing his approach, Mike has a unique sensitivity to the concerns of both parties and an eagerness to keep the process moving along in order to quickly reach closure. His methodology for peacefully handling sensitive matters is an absolute disruption to our diminishing money driven legal system!”

S.K., Los Gatos, California

“Mike’s holistic practice not only resolved a serious issue with a creditor who had filed a lien on my home, but also addressed underlying issues that in large part contributed to my debt problems. I highly recommend Mike’s holistic practice to anyone truly interested in not just resolving their legal problems, but improving their life in a fundamental way.”

W.T., Hercules, California

“Mike was great. I would highly recommend him as a mediator; went through a bitter divorce and mediation was the only thing that helped after years of anger and disagreements.”

B.G., Santa Rosa, California

“Mike’s calm demeanor helped me feel settled after my auto accident. He helped me understand my options and took the lead in securing what I deserved. He guided me through the process, making sure that all of my needs and potential needs were being addressed. At each critical juncture, he took care to make sure that I understood what was happening and to confirm the direction I wanted to proceed in. I felt supported throughout.”

L.G., Oakland, California