California Mental Health Lawyer

Licensed Attorney and Psychotherapist

At LUBOFSKY PC, our firm’s founder, Mike Lubofsky, brings a unique combination of professional skills as a licensed attorney and a licensed psychotherapist to the practice of mental health law. With degrees from Boston University School of Law, the University of Massachusetts, and Wright Institute in Berkeley, Mike offers an unparalleled level of expertise to clients navigating the intricacies of mental health law in California.

Mental Health Law Services

Mental health law encompasses a wide range of issues including, but not limited to, the following:

1. Informed Consent Cases

Leveraging our detailed understanding of the principles of informed consent, we provide legal assistance to clients who believe their healthcare provider failed to properly inform them about the risks, benefits, and alternatives to a proposed treatment, as per California law.

2. Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment

In cases where involuntary psychiatric treatment is in question, we help protect the rights of patients. Whether it involves civil commitment, conservatorship proceedings, or forced medication, we ensure that our clients’ rights are not violated and that they are treated fairly under California law.

3. Mental Health Discrimination

Mental health discrimination in workplaces or other institutions is unlawful. We offer legal support to those who have been discriminated against due to their mental health condition, helping them navigate the legal process to seek justice.

4. Confidentiality and Privacy Issues

As an experienced mental health law attorney, we can advise and represent clients on matters relating to the privacy and confidentiality of mental health records.

5. Professional Licensing and Ethics Issues

We provide guidance and representation to mental health professionals facing licensing issues or ethical complaints.

6. Advance Directives

We help clients prepare advance directives for mental health care, ensuring their wishes for future care are respected if they are unable to make decisions for themselves.

We understand that mental health law issues can be complex and emotionally challenging. With our unique combination of legal and psychological expertise, we strive to provide compassionate, knowledgeable representation to our clients. Whether you are a patient seeking to protect your rights or a mental health professional navigating licensing and ethics issues, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services.