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A Temporary Restraining Order – For Your Mind

In the context of preparing for a hearing on a civil harassment restraining order, it occurred to me that on a basic legal all that most of us want is a life in which we feel free to interact openly with our environment – the freedom to go where we want and be who we truly are with minimal constraints. When another unreasonably infringes upon this freedom, the law affords a civil remedy that will legally restrain another from his or her ability to infringe on your physical space. Upon obtaining a restraining order, law enforcement is made aware of the infringing behavior and becomes legally empowered to use force in restraining the enjoined activities.

In a similar way, we all have our sense of peace interrupted countless times each day by our own minds that continuously spin conditioned thoughts that judge us and others, and usually do little more than detract from our ability to proceed through life in the present moment grounded in a fundamental sense of being. In this sense, our conditioned thoughts often infringe upon our freedom in ways similar to an independent actor who may have behaved in ways warranting a legal restraining order.

Through mindfulness training, however, we can come to dis-identify from our conditioned thoughts and habitual reactions and re-connect to our true selves rooted in a non-dualistic sense of being. In doing this, we come to realize that we are not our thoughts – that the mind exists as a faculty or tool to deploy as life situations demand. When we become able to dis-identify from our thinking, we begin to cultivate an ability to act as “law enforcement officials” with respect to our moment-to-moment lives. When judgmental thoughts arise that serve to transport us out of the present moment, we become better able to restrain the mind in a way that causes its power to dissolve.

As long as we are defined by our thoughts, however, we lack this important law enforcement tool. We are like chickens guarding the hen house. This situation usually results in a constant sense of lack, unhappiness, and disease.

In the context of addressing legal problems, my holistic law practice works to cultivate the ability to better connect to the present moment free from conditioned thinking. To learn more, please visit or contact Michael Lubofsky, Esq., at (415) 508-6263.

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