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Client Tip #1: Surviving Legal Problems

As an individual facing legal issues or decisions, you may be struggling to reconcile the way your life is with long-held conditioned beliefs of how life “should be.” Your current life situation may include the breakdown of a marital relationship, job loss, loss of freedom, financial difficulties, or physical injury. While these are all painful events, this pain is likely to be significantly exacerbated by an inability to consciously attend to the present moment, and a tendency to get lost in thoughts or contrived explanations of why things are as they are.

What can be helpful in trying to effectively cope and successfully deal with these situations is an ability to dis-identify from conditioned, almost habitual, thought and analysis that tries to make intellectual sense of what your perceive to be your current situation.

Mindfulness training can serve to cultivate this ability to connect up to a foundational sense of being and present-moment awareness as distinguished from a sense of self defined by conditioned thoughts and habitual behaviors arising as reactions to these thoughts. By helping you break free of such long-held patterns, a more mindful approach to your current situation can give rise to creative, optimal solutions to your legal issues. In this way, legal issues can actually serve as a springboard for a more conscious approach to daily life that will enable you to enjoy inner peace and happiness as you move forward long after your legal issues are resolved.

As a holistic lawyer, I work with to cultivate this mindful approach that helps clients break free from previously unconscious patterns that may have complicated their lives and, in many situations, have directly contributed to their current legal problems. This work helps identify optimal legal solutions, and serves as the springboard for a happier future in which clients will be far less likely to repeat harmful reactive behaviors and live with a heightened sense of inner peace and happiness.

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