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The Value of Mindfulness in Approaching Legal Problems

Mindfulaw provides a forum for individuals facing challenging legal situations to use these challenges as a springboard to personal transformation and heightened inner peace.  Mindfulaw starts from the premise that the vast majority of legal problems faced by individuals are the direct result of learned conditioning and habitual reactions to thoughts of how life should be, instead of embracing present-moment experience apart from ego-driven thoughts about that experience.  Not only do these conditioned, thought-driven reactions serve to muddle decision making when clarity is needed most, but these same reactions are often responsible for bringing about undesirable life circumstances in the first instance.

Recognizing these dynamics, I work with clients through mindfulness exercises and practice to begin to loosen the grip of  egoistic, thought-driven behavior.  In doing this, my clients become better able to approach their situations with far more clarity and wisdom.  We become able to identify optimal solutions to these challenging situations far more likely to meet the interests of all involved.

This improved clarity and ability to connect to present-moment experience (and dis-identify from conditioned thought and habitual reactions) will not only lead to better legal solutions, but can serve as a foundation for personal happiness long after your legal issues have been resolved.

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