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Client Tip #6: Break Old Patterns

When people find themselves ensnared in legal difficulties, these problems can often be traced to long-held conditioned thinking. These entrenched ideas about how life is or should be often serves as the precursor to behaviors directly resulting in the legal issue(s) now being faced. The quality of this conditioned thinking is such that, over time, it grabs hold to energize a contrived self-concept that the ego will not easily relinquish.

For example, if drug or alcohol use has become incorporated into one’s self-concept, it will usually be just a matter of time before relationships crumble, one is arrested for drunk driving, loses a job, etc., all situations that can give rise to a host of legal difficulties.

It is only when one becomes able to create some space from learned conditioning that it becomes possible to loosen the grip of conditioned thinking and its destructive behaviors and reactions. Through mindfulness practice, one can begin to plant more firm roots in direct moment-to-moment experience. In cultivating this ability, one may come to witness arising thoughts as simply a part of one’s present moment experience, and cease to confuse these thoughts as constituting the “reality” of who he or she is.

In the end, it is the creation of space between our thoughts and direct experience that can foster a greater sense of inner peace and happiness. At the same time, our behaviors become less driven by automatic, unconscious reactions to conditioned thoughts. With heightened consciousness, when these habitual thoughts arise, one can finds a degree of choice in how to react or behave. It is at this point that one becomes better able to extricate him or herself from behavioral patters that have directly led to legal difficulties.

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