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What is a Holistic Lawyer?

A holistic lawyer views legal “problems” within the infinitely broad context of the present moment. Traditional law practice places a primary focus on past events or future objectives and looks to man-made laws, regulations, and judicial opinions as providing the framework in which to remedy past “wrongs” or pursue articulated future outcomes. In contrast, holistic lawyers focus on cultivating a client’s present-moment experiential awareness as primary means of guiding remedial or future-oriented action prior to invoking one’s legal education and experience.

Most attorneys will define their practices according to substantive areas of focus such as personal injury, corporate or family law, etc. Insofar as the holistic practitioner views all life as interconnected, the holistic practice does not lend itself to definition by closed concepts such as substantive areas of practice.

The practice of a holistic lawyer incorporates far more “counseling” than that of a traditional attorney. The emphasis on the unique reality of each individual client requires that more time actually be spent with clients in an effort to cultivate mindful awareness of and attention to the unique totality of the client’s present life situation. To do this, the holistic lawyer will often conduct several counseling sessions with the client which may incorporate mindfulness techniques and strategies such as meditation.

Finally, the holistic law practice offers potential solutions to the client that go beyond the remedy of a perceived wrong or achievement of an articulated future objective. By cultivating heightened mindful awareness of present-moment reality, a client can come to better accept those life situations that may have led to or exacerbated his or her legal difficulties and begin to break free from identified conditioned thinking and habitual reactions. This shift can serve the client in positive ways by facilitating greater inner peace.

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