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Mindfulness in Law As An Essential Starting Point For Clients

When distilled to their roots, most legal problems, both civil and criminal, can be traced to thought-driven ideas of what one needs to obtain, achieve, realize, etc. in the future in order to be “happy” (and associated fear of what one thinks may happen if one fails to make the future conform to these ideals), or anger, resentment, etc. over past events that one may consider responsible for suffering in life that he or she may be experiencing.

What these orientations towards life share in common is a strong tendency to withdraw attention from the present moment, and it it is only within the present moment that peace and happiness can be realized. Legal problems often trigger habitual responses that one may have employed in thanks hon east to cope with painful life situations.  The problem in reacting in such a habitual manner, however, is that one becomes largely disconnected from the realities of the present moment.  In the process, he or she is likely to overlook important factors and dynamics of the current situation thereby losing opportunities to identify creative solutions that hold transformational potential for his or her life, as well as the lives of others likely to be effected by the resolution of the current situation.

The incorporation of mindfulness in law facilitates the identification of optimal solutions to legal problems by working to help clients dis-identify from learned conditioning and habitual reactions, prior to implementing a decisive course of legal action.  In the absence of this clarity, one is highly likely to repeat similar undesirable life situations in the future.

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