Transformative Mediation

Mediation is a highly evolved, effective alternative to the time, expense, and unsatisfactory results produced by adversarial litigation in the courts.  I incorporate my psychotherapy training, including extensive work as a couples counselor, to offer transformative mediation that aims to cultivate a mutual understanding of, and compassion for, differing viewpoints and interpretations of similar factual scenarios.  Within this mutual, grounded understanding lies the seeds of optimal resolutions to challenging life situations.  This process can produce results that positively transform lives of participants well after a dispute has been resolved.

My transformative mediation model arises from the premise that adversarial combat in courtrooms most often serves to cement egoic notions of “right” and “wrong” in ways that exacerbate defensive reactions and effectively block the formation of optimal solutions.  My approach incorporates psychotherapeutic principles as well as mindfulness exercises and training to help participants move beyond learned conditioning and habitual reactions and establish a heightened sense of connection to present-moment experience.  In so doing, participants realize a broadening of perspective and heightened access to creative solutions far more likely to successfully address the needs of all involved.

The principles underlying my transformative mediation practice are equally applicable whether you are presently involved in an interpersonal dispute such as divorce, family law, personal injury, estate distribution, etc., or whether your dispute is of a more “commercial” nature involving a business disagreement.  Regardless of the particular underlying subject matter, you now have the opportunity to unlock doors that traditional courtroom litigation would have completely overlooked.

I am a court-approved mediator on the Mediation Panel of the Alameda County Superior Court.

My rate for live, in-office mediation services is $1,500.00 for up to three hours, paid in advance.

For a free initial case evaluation to determine whether your situation is appropriate for mediation, please complete and submit the confidential questionnaire on the right, or give me a call at (415) 508-6263.